What is Supercool?

Supercool is a relayer-as-a-service that lets web3 businesses automate on-chain operations and give users better UX when executing transactions.
With Supercool, companies can automatically create transactions in response to on-chain and off-chain events and let their users create gasless transactions across all EVM compatible networks including Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, and many other chains.
Supercool offers two main products:
  • Relayer/Paymaster: Transaction management solution that allows you to give your users seamless onboarding and frictionless UX via gasless transactions and other account abstraction superpowers
  • Automation Engine: Transaction rule creation engine that allows you to automate smart contracts in response to on-chain and off-chain events.

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Supercool Vs. Others

There are a few relayer services in the market, but here are a few of the ways Supercool is different:
  • Supercool has out-of-the box modules for common use cases to speed up shipping time. Plug in an automation module, such as the wallet topup module instead of coding it yourself from scratch.
  • Supercool is designed with the best queuing practices from traditional web2 systems like Kafka and SQS. Our goal is to bring these tried-and-true methods to the world of web3, ensuring the smoothest possible experience when it comes to handling blockchain transactions. For example:
    • exactly once transaction delivery
    • parallel and sequential transactions
    • Dependent transactions
  • Supercool has predictable pricing which is unaffected by gas price or blockchain to make it easy for businesses to budget and plan for transaction costs independent of market volatility.
  • Native support for gasless transactions via account abstraction (ERC-4337) and meta-transactions.
  • Supercool has transaction sessions, which let users batch together multiple transactions without having to sign every single one. This reduces friction for your users and increases engagement


As a Supercool user, your feedback is super important! Feel free to reach out with questions, feature requests, or issues, via [email protected].
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