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Benefits of using Supercool


Supercool’s relayer manages nonces and adjusts and retries transactions so you don’t need to worry about fluctuating gas prices or nonce management.

Flexible Payments for your users

Users can create and pay for transactions with ERC-20, fiat, or cross-chain currencies.

Seamless UX and Gasless transactions

Bundle multiple transactions in a session so users don’t need to constantly get interrupted to sign messages and offer gasless transaction to your users.


Supercool works on any EVM-compatible chain and allows cross-chain bridging.


Supercool handles the account secret key storage for your relayer accounts. You can interact with your relayer accounts through revokable API keys, so if you ever have a key leak all you need to do is rotate your keys instead of creating an entirely new blockchain account.


Supercool provides Web3 UX modules for you to plug, stack, and customize like lego blocks.

Advanced monitoring

Supercool supports custom alerts 24/7 when certain on-chain conditions are met.

Connect on and off-chain data

Supercool supports execution transactions based on off-chain API calls, on-chain events and conditions, or any custom logic.