Learn how Supercool can help your NFT project or platform reach its full potential.

What does Supercool do?

Supercool creates checkout solutions for NFTs. We allow you to sell your NFTs using credit cards or native minting frictionlessly with just a few lines of code. We offer broad payment options, non-custodial wallet creation, KYC & fraud detection, complete credit card chargeback coverage, custom webhook calls, and more.

How do I get started?

Supercool offers several solutions! The best place to get an understanding of all our offerings is the Supercool Products pages.

To start your integration journey, visit the Integration Guide and walk though each of the steps.

Supercool is constantly shipping new features. We always appreciate any comments in #feature-requests in our Supercool Discord Community.


Join the Supercool Discord Community!

If you need more assistance, feel free to join the Supercool Discord Community to ask fellow builders for help or discuss your projects! You can also make feature requests and report issues there too.