How Checkout Links Work

What is a Checkout Link?

We refer to checkout as the entire process from entering payment information to receiving the product that was paid for. This includes rendering the user interface that the customer interacts with, analyzing for fraud as the payment details are entered, processing the payment, and handling the on-chain transaction for reliable minting and delivery to the intended destination wallet. Upon completion of the flow, a webhook is called on successful payment, and a receipt is sent to the customer.

A Checkout Link is simply a URL that does all of the above, abstracted away. This means neither you nor your customers need to worry about fraud, failed payments, or NFT delivery!

How do I make a Checkout link?

Before trying to create a Checkout Link, make sure you have registered a smart contract! There are 2 types of Checkout Links to choose from. Here's the breakdown:

Type of checkout linksWays to createUse when you need
Shareable Checkout LinksUsing the no-code dashboard solution- a shareable link - one-click generation - quick experimentation or testing
One-Time Checkout LinksUsing the API- unique links for every purchase - off-chain presales & allowlists - restrict # of purchases per buyer