How subscriptions work

Subscriptions are one of the best monetization models for creators and companies. Subscriptions have a higher life-time value and decreased churn per customer and align customer payments with the continual value you provide them via your creations or services. Most of web2 settled on subscriptions as the ideal way to monetize your product or creations, but it's been a bit tough to enable subscriptions in web3. Supercool makes it easy for you.

To start out, you need to bring your own smart contracts that support a subscription interface. From there, you can use Supercool's relayer and credit card checkout system to set up two kinds of subscriptions:

  1. Set up a recurring charge on a user's credit card, which will execute an on-chain reaction in response to a charge on their card.
  2. Set up recurring "pull-payments" to withdraw payments on a schedule. We support withdrawal of ERC-20 (ie USDC or WETH) and native coins (ie ETH or MATIC)

What do you need to do to enable subscriptions?

You must bring a smart contract implementation that supports subscriptions or recurring payments. For example, you can extend your NFT collection to implement the ERC-4643 interface. If you want help implementing your smart contract interfaces, either email us at [email protected] or join our Discord.

Supercool's subscription features

Supercool powers your subscriptions with the following:

  1. A dashboard for you to configure your subscriptions. What's the price, how often is it charged, what currencies are acceptable.
  2. A frontend React component (that also works outside of React apps) that you can put on your site for users to subscribe with either credit card or crypto.
  3. Smart contracts that power the subscription system.
  4. A relayer system that automatically charges your users for you on a schedule. Without this, when a user subscribes with crypto, they'd have to come back to your site every month and press a button to pay the next subscription installment.

How do I get access?

Subscriptions are in beta. If you want to add subscriptions to your product, email us at [email protected] or join our Discord and open a ticket in the #contact-us channel.