How Supercool Wallets Work

What are Supercool Wallets?

Supercool's wallet is an NFT-first non-cutodial wallet. Using Supercool Wallet means your customers don't need download extra software or worry about keeping their seed phrase safe. They can simply type their email in the checkout flow to receive their NFT via a Supercool Wallet in the background, a true EOA (externally owned account) wallet that is generated with private keys encrypted.

Traditional wallet products require a deeper understanding of the blockchain, including storing a 16-word secret recovery phrase. This usually means all assets are lost if this phrase is lost. For someone new to the NFT space, this can be a stressful experience. Traditional wallet products typically do not have support for displaying NFTs in their UI. This can also be frustrating experience for customers purchasing their first NFT. Supercool Wallet was created to mitigate all of these problems.

How do I use Supercool Wallets?

Supercool wallets can be paired with any checkout flow. This means you can use either checkout links or checkout components with Supercool Wallets.

For checkout links, Supercool Wallet will be available by default. If you're building a checkout flow with checkout components, you will need to install our React SDK so a user can create a wallet within the <SupercoolCheckout> component.

npm install @supercoolxyz/checkout-react-sdk