Step 1: Registering your smart contract with Supercool

Before we begin, it's important to understand that the Supercool Checkout button can be used in two modes: Test and Production.

  1. Test Mode - In this mode the Supercool Checkout will not process any mainnet crypto transactions or credit card payments. The purpose of using the Supercool Checkout button in this mode is to see how the checkout experience will look and feel in your React app. The Test Mode also enables you to test the minting experience against a test net like Goerli.
  2. Production Mode - In this mode the Supercool checkout is ready to be launched to production. Use it only when you've tested your contract(s) thoroughly in Test Mode.

The steps below will outline project registration steps. Once you're done registering your project you will be provided an API Key which will grant your project's access to the Test Mode. More about both modes in later sections of the document.

Registration Instructions

First go to and login. Then click "Create Project" and enter your project details. After you have created a project, you must perform KYB in order to go live on Ethereum or Polygon mainnet, but you can start testing against testnets (Goerli, Mumbai) right away, if you want.

You must also register your NFT collection to hook it up into Supercool Checkout. If you provide us the following info, we will register your collection for you, test your integration, and give you the code snippets you need:

  1. Your collection’s address
  2. The mint price, or if it is a free claim
  3. If your collection’s source code is not verified on Etherscan, we will need the contract ABI. If it’s verified, we can grab this ourselves
  4. If you have a max supply, what is it? (max number of NFTs that can be minted)
  5. Whether your app is a React app, a plain JS app, or something else

After you're done with the registration process we will provide you with Test Mode API Key and NFTCollection ID. The NftCollection ID is a CAIP-10 identifier that acts as a chain agnostic representation of the contract address. You will need to pass both the API key and NftCollection ID into the <SupercoolCheckout> component in order to complete the integration in the Test Mode.

The contract ABI can be any ABI format that Ethers.js supports.