Step 5: Use Checkout in Production

After you have gone through the KYB process, your NFT collection will be marked as production-ready. You can replace the test-mode API key in the <SupercoolCheckout> React component with a production-mode API key.

import { SupercoolCheckoutProps, SupercoolCheckout } from '@supercoolxyz/checkout-react-sdk'
import '@supercoolxyz/checkout-react-sdk/style.css'

function Checkout() {
  return <SupercoolCheckout
      // Replace with your collection ID (a CAIP-10 ID) that will be provided
      // when you register your collection with Supercool.
        mintFnOpts: {
          name: 'mintTo',
          price: '0.05',
          args: {
              quantity: 1
          // The parameter name in your mint function that specifies where the
          // NFT should be sent
          recipientAddressArgName: 'to',