Supercool has 2 pricing tiers that are billed monthly. In addition to the pricing for the general purpose relayer and automation engine, Supercool has add-on modules that are priced separately. See them below.
Relayer and Automation Engine pricing tiers:
Custom pricing
350 txs / hour
unlimited txs / hour
50 jobs
unlimited jobs
2,000 job runs / month
unlimited job runs / month
10 relayers
unlimited relayers
2 min update time
Per block update time
priority email and chat support
White glove integration and 24/7 support
Job - A job has triggers and actions. The triggers define when to run the job (on a schedule, per-block, based on on-chain function calls, webhook HTTP calls, etc.). The actions consist of one or more on-chain transactions.
relayer - The blockchain account that executes relayed transactions. A relayer is specific to a chain.
Update time - How often Supercool evaluates job triggers
There is a 1 month free trial, and if you sign up for a year at a time you get a 30% annual discount.

Enterprise plans

In addition to unlimited usage, the Enterprise plan features custom hands-on support:
  • 24/7 on-call support
  • custom feature development and roadmap prioritization
  • white-glove onboarding
  • smart contract technical consulting
For custom pricing and use cases, email us at [email protected] with your use case and we can figure out a plan that works for you.
Note that Supercool does not cover gas costs. You must fill up a gas tank with the appropriate native token (ETH, MATIC, etc.) to cover your gas costs.

Add-on Modules

Add-on modules are custom fit to your needs, so if you want to use any of them, reach out to us at [email protected] and we can help you figure out what set of modules you need, or if you need a new module that doesn’t exist yet!
Pricing is customized based on the modules you use and your expected usage rates.

Wallet Topup module

The wallet topup module lets you monitor wallet balances and automatically fund those wallets when their balance gets too low, including funding via cross-chain bridging. See the Wallet Topup module for more details.

Transaction sessions

Transaction sessions let users batch together multiple transactions without having to sign every single transaction. This reduces friction in your dapp.

Token Payouts module

The Token Payouts module can send payment of a token to multiple recipients at once. You can run the payout on a schedule or in response to an event, such as a governance proposal passing. You can also configure token payouts so that users must claim their payout, which can give you high gas cost savings.

Offramp Deposit Accounts module

If you are a crypto offramp solution, you need a way for users to send you tokens and for you to get notified that you should begin a fiat offramp operation. Supercool provides deposit account infrastructure that lets you give each of your users a deposit account and then provides you with real-time webhooks, EVM events, and a query API for user deposits.