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Transaction sessions

Let users submit multiple transactions without confirmation interruptions
Imagine a user is playing your web3 game, and each time they interact with the blockchain a "transaction request" window pops up. This can be very interruptive and add friction to the user's experience.
Supercool fixes this problem with transaction sessions, which let a user batch together multiple transactions and only requiring a signature to start and end the transaction session.

How it works

Users start a transaction session by signing a "create session" transaction and sending it to the blockchain.
When a user creates a session, they grant approval to the Supercool session manager to create certain transactions and transfer certain ERC-20 tokens (and other token types) according to session rules. The session rules restrict transaction behavior so that a user can be sure that their tokens are safe. Session rules are configured by you, the dapp or wallet developer and are approved by the user creating the session. This is similar to when a user installs an iOS app and grants the app certain permissions.
Once a user has started a transaction session, all interactions with your dapp or protocol can happen with one click. The user does not need to sign any more messages until they conclude the session.
For gas payments in a transaction session, you can either sponsor user gas for the session or have the user set a “gas approval amount” and pay for gas themselves. Again, inside the session, a user doesn’t need to double-confirm any transactions!
When a user is done with their transaction session, the submit a final signed transaction to end the session. Think of this like logging out of a website.
For security, all transaction sessions have an expiration period so no user ends up with a hanging session.

How to turn on transaction sessions in your app

Transaction sessions can be combined with ERC-4337 account abstraction wallets and ERC-2771 and EIP-712 meta-transactions, depending on the requirements of your implementation.
Transaction sessions are an enterprise feature, so please reach out to us at [email protected] and we can figure out an exact implementation plan for your tech requirements.