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Supercool Vs. In-house Relayer

How does Supercool compare to other relayers or to building your own relayer in house?

Should I use Supercool or build my own relayer?

There are a bunch of challenges when building your own in-house relayer: nonce management, secret key storage, gas price estimation, transaction retires, network error handling, and more. Without good relayer infra, if you get things wrong, you can end up with transactions that constantly fail or cost way too much. Or if you use the wrong nonce, your entire system can halt and you won't be able to create any more transactions.
Supercool handles all of these challenges for you so it's as easy to create a blockchain transaction as it is to send a REST API request. If you want a deeper look at how our relayer works, check out our Under the hood section.
If you want to follow the not invented here syndrome, then go for it! But if you go with Supercool, you will save time (and money) on maintenance costs and get a continually improving product to handle your relayer and transaction automation needs. At Supercool, we're big believers in focusing on the core competencies, and we want to help you do just that.