Automatic event-based transactions

Supercool can create transactions automatically in response to on-chain and off-chain events. This lets you chain transactions together or create transactions in response to token price changes, webhooks, and more. Some examples of automated transaction events:
  • NFT limit orders: when the floor price of an NFT hits a target price, purchase an NFT
  • When a user logs into your application, airdrop them a membership token
On-chain events can be based on emitted EVM events/logs, transactions sent by an account or sent to an account, and wallet balance. Off-chain events can be triggered by webhook requests.
Supercool is continually working to add new plugins and modules to the automation engine, which you can stitch together to create your own automated transaction flows. So if you have an integration you'd like, please send us an email at [email protected].

Setting up an event-based transaction rule

Documents coming soon for the multipurpose automation engine rules... In the meantime, check out the Wallet Topup module.